Monday, January 2, 2017

Introduction/Welcome to My Blog!!!

Hello, and welcome to my new blog on horror films.

So, since we're at the beginning of this blog, there are some things to mention here. Undoubtedly, most of you are aware that there's a lot of different horror sites and blogs out there, and I'm not going to do anything similar to most other places in here by doing something different in this one by being more of a discussion blog rather than just straight up reviewing. Granted, I'll do some of that as I please, but I'm going for a different vibe and feel here by doing this a little differently with some different attributes here.

So first off, I know a question many of you are asking yourself right now: what makes me qualified to do this particular blog? As I said, there's dozens of other sites out there doing news and reviews of horror films coming out, so what's going to make this one different? Part of that has to deal with the fact that, as an extreme lover of all Horror films from all countries from practically all-time periods throughout history, regardless of genre, target audience or release format, I've seen several thousand films in my time and am pretty familiar with an even larger amount of films and their different styles. Granted, it's not entirely fair to say that when I'm going to be talking about them throughout the posts of this blog but it's just a whole part of the purpose of this blog. So sure, I may have missed a few of the big films out there but I've also seen a lot more of the rare ones, but we'll get to those in due time.

Now, since it's the beginning of the blog, I figure it's also time to start at the beginning of my history of a Horror film fan. You should know I'm completely different from everybody else and am probably the only one in the world with my particular backstory about the genre:

As a kid, I actually didn't like it at all. Being raised in a strict religious upbringing from my grandmother (my parents practiced but weren't as devout about it as she was) I was told weekly stories about being an honest person and not doing anything that would lead me to other realms in the afterlife. Coupled with my burgeoning interest in Giant Monster Movies and a steady diet of HK martial-arts movies that went hand-in-hand with each other, as well as the genuine freakiness of the horror video covers I saw in the rental store since the two sections were next to each other (you had to pass through the Horror section to get to the Action section that I wanted at that particular location as it started at the middle of the aisle and then wrapped around to the next few blocks) I still vividly remember seeing the covers for stuff like Leprechaun, Dead Alive, Evil Ed, Re-Animator, and with taglines promising bloodbaths, massacres, demons, zombies and other grotesque horrors, it all lead to a realization of what she was talking about and I readily avoided the genre for fear of watching something I wasn't supposed to, happily sticking to my action and kaiju-related efforts without thinking of venturing into the genre.

That continued into my teens, or High School, but right around that time that particular video store closed, and as we found no other rental places within appropriate driving distance we finally decided to upgrade to cable. Don't laugh, but at the time the most violent movie I had ever seen till then was Die Hard, so now suddenly we had the premium channels which had all sorts of fun movies that I had only seen censored on broadcast TV. Predator, Total Recall, RobocopStarship Troopers, Blade and Deep Rising were all viewed uncut and uncensored pretty much within the span of about a month, and a nagging thought kept pulling at me: I was seeing these hyper-violent and gory films but yet I wasn't affected by it at all. None of those earlier issues really found much traction as I knew it was just a film featuring special effects (of course, seeing people die in one movie and then seeing them in another one was the big tipping point to that fact, which I imagine is pretty much how most young people come to that realization of 'it's just a movie') and I was still the same person I had been all along, so why was I avoiding these other Horror films that seemingly had this gore and violence as well?

Armed with that, I started to take in several 'proper' horror films on TV, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which I've always said is my first true horror film, and although I can certainly make a case for the last two of my hyper-violent action phase I mentioned above counting here, since I went into TCM adamant about trying to watch horror films I give the nod to that one) to Jaws, Halloween and one more I can't remember (something tells me it's Ghostbusters but it was a film I saw a little after that point, yet that one keeps coming back to me for some reason) which yielded very few worthwhile outings in that search. It wasn't until a few months later that Bride of Chucky premiered on cable and I saw it for the first time which I had always wanted to see in theaters but was too busy with school at the time. I'll tell even more about that experience later on as that one was the official starting point of my being a horror fan because it felt like an Action movie that I loved at that point with the gruesomeness of a Horror movie that I wanted. I've been hooked ever since.

So, I hope that gives you an idea about my history of being a Horror fan from the very beginning (and I'll willingly give more if prompted to do so) but for now, this is more than enough for the very first time here. Now, what exactly will we do here in this blog? There's going to be four main types of writings and posts that will found here, so here's a quick look at them:

1, Random Articles. These here are pretty straightforward: random articles and write-ups found on the genre which can be stories, histories or whatever. Like I said, random. A vast majority will probably pop up in this style, but I will balance it out so it's not just endless random articles.

2. Director Spotlights. Basically, we'll take a look at a director's entire work in the genre. And while some of the directors here might do work outside the genre, it'll only be their appropriate genre work that applies here, and there's quite a few here that will certainly be looked at.

3. Franchise Spotlights. Pretty much just like the Director Run-Throughs, I'll take a look at franchises and what's happening in them. Again, only appropriate genre work will apply here, and there's plenty of those to get covered here.

4. Genre Histories. We'll take a look at how a specific genre has appeared throughout time, which will be covered here in as much detail as will be allowed,

Now, that's not all that will be covered here, but it's a start. There's also a few other surprises that will be put here in the course of the blog, so let's get going and explore the genre here together.